Orangefield opens Shanghai Office


'Global strategy directs local presence for regionally relevant services'

Amsterdam-Shanghai, December 4, 2012 - Orangefield Group, corporate provider of administration-,  management services- and trust services to funds opens its new China office in the heart of  Shanghai.  The opening is part of Orangefield's expansion strategy to offer a strong local presence in every jurisdiction worldwide where the company offers its services.

Orangefield Group is a global corporate service provider and fund administrator with offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean.  China, with its growing economy, offers many opportunities for global companies to do business and for wealthy individuals to investment.  From the new Shanghai office, a team of  legal and administrative specialists will offer their expertise to companies wanting to do business or invest in this promising region.

Compliance with China's laws and regional regulations

Companies that want to do business in or through China/Asia need specialist knowledge of China's laws and regional regulations to ensure compliance. Otherwise companies do not even have a right to operate. But compliance is only one element of Orangefield services. A company's real competitive advantage comes from knowing how to benefit from favourable regulations. 

Anticipating to beneficial regulations

Rules are constantly subject to change.  By being close to the fire and knowing ahead about regulatory changes, the Orangefield Shanghai staff will serve its clients best.  Joep Bruins, CEO of Orangefield puts it this way: "It makes a great difference to be physically present in the Chinese region. Instead of adjusting to upcoming changes in the law when they come into effect, we can start preparing for these changes after we hear the first buzz about them in the streets. And trust me, there is a lot happening in Shanghai.

Cultural factor

Both incorporation and managing day-to-day requirements of clients' companies in any region requires an extensive network of contacts and the ability to speak to those contacts; about business, but also personally, taking into account local customs and culture. "A lot can be done by email, telephone and videoconferencing, but the fact that we can easily speak to Chinese government- and company officials face to face and take into account their culture and customs, makes us so much more effective than using high-tech distant communication techniques, " says Jack Wu , Director of Orangefield Shanghai.

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About Orangefield Group

Orangefield is a global full service corporate service provider and fund administrator, with more than 30 years of experience, providing a wide range of fund administration, management, administrative and trust services to funds, corporate clients and private clients all over the world. Orangefield is ISAE 3402 Type II (previously SAS 70) compliant, demonstrating the rigorous controls and attention to detail expected in all accounting, cash management, investor reporting and compliance responsibilities.

Orangefield Group has a strong global presence with offices in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Caribbean. Orangefield Group headquarters is located in Amsterdam. Dutch investor AAC Capital Partners holds a majority interest in Orangefield Group.

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