Escrow Services

Escrow refers to funds or assets collected, held and disbursed by a neutral trusted third party (the “Escrow Agent”) upon fulfilment of certain conditions as established in a written agreement between the parties in a transaction and the escrow agent (the “Escrow Agreement”). Generally, the Escrow Agent holds funds on a blocked bank account (the “Escrow Account”) to mitigate risks for critical transactions.

Our suite of Escrow Services is built on experience and customized to cover the needs that arise in your business - including, but not limited to, escrow structures for mergers & acquisitions, regulatory/ litigation, payments, and raising capital. When risk management is critical, rely on Orangefield to be your trusted Escrow Agent.

Our dedicated escrow team offers reliable and dependable service to ensure that transactions close quickly, accurately and securely.  

Orangefield Escrow Services process scheme 

The Escrow Process

  1. Parties sign Escrow Agreement
  2. Party B deposits escrow obligation to Escrow Account
  3. Escrow Agent manages Escrow Account
  4. Escrow Agent confirms receipt of escrow obligation to Party A
  5. Party B accepts delivery + proof of acceptance is sent to Escrow Agent 
  6. Escrow Agent releases escrow obligation to Party A


The Advantages of using Orangefield Escrow Services

  • The parties to the Escrow Agreement can be sure that the funds or assets are transferred into the escrow account and that these will only be released as agreed and specified in the Escrow Agreement
  • Orangefield has professionals with long and substantial transaction experience
  • Orangefield’s standard Escrow Agreement can be used
  • The Orangefield Escrow Services Team can arrange escrows in the Netherlands within 1-2 weeks as of receiving the necessary information
  • Escrows are affordable solutions in comparison to credit letters or bank references 
  • A special purpose vehicle set up and managed by Orangefield is used to act as Escrow Agent, making it as bankruptcy remote as possible

Would you like to have more information, or discuss you needs with an expert to find out how Orangefield can help? Do not hesitate to contact us.