Management and Domiciliation

Orangefield has a team of highly motivated professionals supporting corporate entities, funds, and private individual structures. We can act as company director and take care of day-to-day management, ensuring that your company is compliant with local rules and regulations. Through our Executive Management Network, Orangefield can introduce experienced managers with specific industry knowledge to act as the company's independent personal director.

Depending on the specific demands of the client, Orangefield can either arrange for a registered address and process all communications delivered, or provide for a fully equipped office space with furnishings, separate telephone and facsimile communications in the name of the company - including personnel and all kinds of office equipment if required. In addition to representative surroundings, we offer our clients a range of services to help them do business efficiently, from secretarial support to IT services. In addition, we can provide for experienced employees to be hired on (part-time) contracts for a limited or unlimited period.

Would you like to have more information, or discuss you needs with an expert to find out how Orangefield can help? Do not hesitate to contact us.