Real Estate Funds

Managing and administering funds, structures and properties for Real Estate investors is one of the core elements of Orangefield’s business. We provide a broad range of fund administration, management, accounting, corporate secretarial and property management services. Orangefield is fully committed to the Real Estate sector and Real Estate related services. Our Real Estate focus has only increased in recent years, which has led to new acquisitions, hiring specialists, implementing relevant procedures and customizing services and systems towards the needs of this asset class.

Our top to bottom approach

We are proud to say that our range of Real Estate services is unique in the market and in our opinion, the most comprehensive. Orangefield Real Estate Services can offer full service from the fund level through the holding company to the local property owning company, in all aspects of accounting, corporate and management services during the life cycle of the fund. In addition, Orangefield can provide property management services for the properties in the residential, office, retail and mixed-use sectors - an unparalleled proposition.

We have a top to bottom approach and differentiate ourselves by offering this depth of expertise and knowledge. We understand the investment and asset management processes, so we are able to promote the interests of our Real Estate clients at all times. 

For more information about our general real estate services go to our Real Estate Services section.

For more information about our specific real estate fund services please visit our dedicated fund website

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